Hannah can help you prepare for viewings for potential house buyers by getting rid of clutter and giving advise on how to present rooms to maximise appeal to help sell your home.

She can organise what is moving with you to your new home, as it is the perfect opportunity to declutter, she can help you get rid of items you don’t want in your new space.

Once the move is complete Hannah can help you organise your possessions and make your new house feel as homely as possible.


Hannah can help get ready for a new baby’s arrival, find places for essential new items and make room for all the baby’s belongings.
She can also help organise your children’s bedrooms or playrooms, sort through outgrown clothes or toys, which will leave more room for the children to play.


It is a very difficult time when you lose a family member or a close friend. Hannah can give you that helping hand to sensitively sort out their possessions and support you through the difficult process of letting go.